Alexander Murphy Branding

3D Modeller/Generalist

Logo Development

Since Alex is a 3D Modeller, I wanted to include elements of what he does into his logo. I used his initials as the basis of all the designs. I started with a box top that subtly used an A and an M to create it. Next was a pyramid but the M wasn't as evident. I went back to the cube and I enclosed it in a diamond. It worked but I then went with an opened box within a cube and it looked a lot better. I also came up with multiple squares arranged to looked like a grid but in the shape of his initials. Of the two distinct styles, Alex went with the cleaner, simpler multi-square logo.

Business Card

For his business card, I used two of his works to show off what he can do. The front of the card features a half-woman/half-spider 3D rendering along with his name and contact information. I also added a low opacity, stylized version of his logo overlaid on the rendering to give it a grid structure so viewers can have the feel of working in 3D. The back of the card is his logo over a rendering of an alien. The opacity of the logo was dropped a bit so the alien's torso is slightly visible.


For his stationary, the alien makes an appearance in the background but at a very low opacity. His logo is top and centre with copies fading out to its sides. The contact information is placed at the bottom with understated colours so as to not take away from whatever is written on the pages.


The envelope is kept simple and clean. The professional look will get receivers interested to see what is contained within. This look also matches the theme which began with the stationary.