PINK in the City Brand Proposal

Rebranding for an annual fundraiser

Logo Development

The logo had to speak to the classy but fun nature of the fundraiser. Going through various ideas, I landed on using the city of Vancouver as a backdrop since the fundraiser is held here. Incorporating pink into the "city" was the next step. I decided to use pink lights shining through the windows of the buildings to create the letters of 'pink' and modified the skyline to fit the look. Finally, the busy elements were cleaned up and the preferred colour scheme incorporated.

Business Card

For the business card, I tried to keep the look simple with just the logo and the contact information. I added simple elements such as a pink breeze and a couple of blue lines to help direct the eye to the logo first. The three colours used are the colour choices requested by the client. I think they work together quite well.


The stationary follows the same style as the business card, with the main element being the PINK in the City logo. Pink breezes flow from both sides of the logo towards and away from the body where the writing will take place. Contact information is located at the bottom of the page with two blue lines to the left to connect the header and footer.


Envelopes used to enclose the stationary keep the same look and feel with the parallel blue lines, centrepiece logo, and flowing pink swirls. The address will sit next to the logo and all the elements are contained in the upper-left as is standard with the layout of envelopes. A light pink gradient helps keep the rest of the areas vibrant and alive.