Pixel Perfect Brand Proposal

Branding for future consideration

Pixel Perfect - Logo Development

Pixel Perfect would be a brand dealing with design and new media so the logo would have to fit that image. The first thing I thought of was using small squares to represent pixels and using the pixels to create the name. Going through different variations of this style, it just did not feel suitable for the brand. Trying to do something with PPMG (Pixel Perfect Media Group) was my next approach but that ended up not looking right either. Dropping the idea of four initials, I went with just two. I combined the two p's with help of negative space. My team member suggested that I change the center dot of the inside p to a square to represent a pixel and the idea came full circle. Working on the double p's, I went through various versions until I settled on one that was created out of two different sized squares.

Pixel Perfect - Business Card

For business cards, I thought it would be add to the look if each member of the group had their own distinct colour. Favourite colours were used unless they conflicted with the other partners, in which case a complementary colour was substituted. To keep the style simple, only two fonts were used along with the logo. The clean look enhances the elements of the card and only pertinent information will be included.

Pixel Perfect - Stationary

The individual colours carry onto the stationary. The logo is displayed in the top left hand corner and acts as the middle 'pixel' for an opaque p which is not visible on the page for the most part. The pixel design of the logo is used along the footer where the contact information is located.

Pixel Perfect - Envelopes

Envelopes match the style of the stationary except that the logo is inverted and the address is attached to the bottom of it. The design is meant to be very minimal but still attractive.