Razrs Logo Redesign

Recreational Hockey Team

Razrs Brainstorm

The first thing I did was to create a quick mind map of anything I could think of which would relate to Razrs. The team named themselves after the famous cell phone since most of them joined a well-known communications company around the same time. I connected the razor-sharp blades of an ice skate to the name and started off with that.

Sketching and Thumbnails

I did a few dozen thumbnails with the team name, razor-sharp blades, the letter R, and combinations of the three. I also drew up a coloured sketch of a hockey skate with a razor blade based off their old logo.

Illustrating Ideas

Next I went to the digital and turned a few of the more interesting ideas into cleaner, more focused designs. There were also a couple of variations to stronger ideas.

Creating Comps

The client picked two designs and I refined them as per his requests to the finished logos seen above and at the end. They have strong influences from the Dallas Stars professional hockey team as well as the Ottawa RedBlacks professional football team. I look forward to seeing either logo on their jerseys soon.